Spring Driving Hazards

Be Prepared

Every seasonal change presents the professional driver with new hazards and challenges. Spring rains and winds can adversely affect the maneuverability of any trailer, but empty, high-cube van trailers are the type affected the most. Even the most seasoned driver must exercise extreme caution when pulling empty trailers in rain and high winds. Increase your following distance and allow for more time to stop. Fog can be another springtime hazard. If you drive into the fog, and there is not a safe place to pull over, slow down and turn on all your lights with the headlights on low beam. Be prepared to stop within the distance that you can see ahead of you.

Danger!!! Construction Zone

Spring means construction and road repair. As our Interstate system and other roads get older, they require more and more repair. Be alert for slow-moving traffic in construction zones. Traffic can come to a full stop almost immediately. Merging traffic can pull in front of your vehicle and suddenly stop. Watch your mirrors for vehicles merging from either side of your vehicle. If you are directed onto the shoulder of the highway to get through a construction zone, beware of sloping or soft shoulders. Overhead clearances may also be reduced due to sloping underpasses when using the shoulder of the road.

Give Road Crews A Brake!!

Watch out for orange barrels and hard hats! Skilled drivers must adjust their driving to all of the dangers from these hazards. Other drivers may become distracted in construction areas and drive unsafely. Workers and construction vehicles may enter the roadway without warning. The pavement may be uneven and there may be debris on the highway surface. Obey the posted speed limit in work areas. Caution and good judgment must always be exercised when you come into a construction area. Use four-way flashers or brake lights to warn drivers behind you.

Watch Out For Construction Vehicles

Dump trucks and other vehicles that are supplying or removing materials to construction areas can be another danger. They may stop or turn quickly and without proper notice. They also take more time to get up speed after they enter the roadway.

Plan Ahead

Allow more time for trips because of delays due to construction. The combination of winter and age affects highways and routes in all parts of the country. Many of the roads you will travel are scheduled for repair or reconstruction this year. It takes time for traffic to adjust...plan to either avoid construction areas, if you can... allow for more time to complete trips due to road repair delays.