Summer Driving

Summer means vacations and a time when the professional driver must watch out for vacation travelers. The vacationing driver may be traveling on unfamiliar roads. Typically they may also have distractions such as young children and are not always as observant as required on busy highways. Be alert for out of state license plates, particularly in heavily traveled vacation areas. The skilled driver must be aware of vacation travelers and be cautious of them.

Watch Out For Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are a potential hazard to the qualified driver. Many drivers pulling travel trailers only do so several times each year and suffer from lack of experience. The veteran driver is cautious of all travel and boat trailers and anticipates that these drivers may unexpectedly change lanes, slow down quickly, exit with little warning or sway excessively on down-grades.

Watch Out For Movers

Another summer hazard for the experienced driver is the "do-it-yourself" mover. Virtually anyone can rent a 24-foot van truck to move household goods without a commercial driver's license or any truck driving knowledge. These drivers may not understand that it takes extra time and distance to stop a truck and they may not use mirrors or signals properly when changing lanes. Give these rental trucks extra room and caution.


Summer rain showers can be as dangerous as a snowstorm. Rain reduces visibility making it difficult to see and be seen. Rain also reduces traction which increases the stopping distance. Slow down when it is raining and remember when your windshield wipers are on your headlight should be illuminated. In many states this is the law but to the informed driver it is just good common sense.


Summer is a time for road repairs. Slow down in construction zones and watch out for cars changing lanes. Be especially alert for cars trying to merge from other lanes and remember that a small car can be hidden by your hood in stopped traffic. Allow time for traffic ahead to move before you start forward.

Enjoy The Summer

The well-trained driver operates defensively in all seasons. Stay cool this summer and drive safely and courteously. Don't spoil your summer or someone else's by getting involved in an accident.