Prevent Lane Change Accidents

Lane change accidents are one of the most common types of accidents that occur between commercial vehicles and passenger cars. Often the lane change accident is caused when the commercial vehicle attempts to move from a passing lane into a right-hand lane on divided highways. The best way to prevent this type of accident is to simply avoid excessive lane changes. This may even sound too simple since the commercial vehicle must be moved back to the right-side lane after passing. When moving to the left, the commercial vehicle has a much better view of the traffic situation and therefore has less of a chance of being involved in an accident. When the experienced driver attempts to move back to the right, the blind area is much larger.

Turn Signals Aren't Enough

The professional driver does not rely on turn signals alone. Before changing lanes, the skilled driver makes certain that the lane change or passing maneuver can be easily made without interfering with the right-of-way of other vehicles on the highway. A large commercial vehicle pushes a large volume of air while traveling along the roadway. After passing a passenger automobile, that air can affect the handling of the automobile that is being passed. Keep as much space as possible between the cars you are passing and your commercial vehicle.

Beware of Entrance Ramps

Many lane change accidents occur when the commercial vehicle moves to the left to allow traffic to enter an interstate or limited access highway. After moving to the left, a blind spot is created with regard to the vehicle entering the highway which can lead to an accident. A safer course of action for today's over-the-road driver specialist may be to stay in the right-hand lane and decrease speed slightly to allow automobiles to merge in front of them.

Watch out for Construction Zones

Slow down in construction zones and be alert for vehicles changing lanes. In construction areas the well-trained driver must also be aware of passenger cars attempting to change lanes at the last minute. Slow-moving traffic is a way of life in construction zones. The skillful driver stays calm and alert for others on the highway who may be driving in a manner that can cause an accident. The seasoned veteran driver not only does not cause accidents, but also prevents them.