Sharing the Streets and Highways

Back to School

The opening of school means that children and school buses will add to the constantly changing road situations. The professional driver recognizes that driving conditions and highway environments are always changing and makes the adjustments required to compensate for them.

Sharing the roads and highways with school buses and with children who walk to school is an adjustment that the skilled driver must make at this time of the year.

Be Alert

Watch out for school buses stopping on the highway to pick up and drop off children. Remember, on undivided roadways both lanes of traffic must stop for school buses when they load and unload passengers. Also, use the "Four-Second Rule" -- leave a space of four seconds between your vehicle and the one ahead of you. This is an absolute minimum when following a school bus.

Watch Out For Walkers

As school budgets are tightened, more children walk or ride to school in private automobiles. Watch out for pedestrians. Children walking are a particular hazard to the professional driver. Be aware of automobiles that may be carrying school children or that are being driven by teenage drivers.

School Days

Small children, and some high school students, don't always act to protect their own safety. Their minds are often on things that make life fun when you are young. It is the responsibility of the experienced driver to drive defensively. Be aware of the potentially dangerous conditions that are present when school is open. Be particularly alert and cautious in and near school zones.