The Ins and Outs of Truck Driving

The fancy words that are used to describe the act of getting in and out of a vehicle are ingress and egress. They describe getting in and out of a truck or tractor cab, but they can also be used to refer to the act of getting on or in a trailer or van body. Many drivers are injured each year when they incorrectly enter or exit a truck or trailer. There is a safe way to get into or leave a transportation vehicle - maintain a "Three-Point Contact."

The Three Point Contact

This method of safe entry or exit simply means maintaining contact with the vehicle with a combination of either two hands and a foot or two feet and one hand at all times. A "Three-Point Contact" provides better balance and stability. The proper way to enter a tractor cab is to walk into the cab and back out of it while positioning yourself in such a way as to allow for the three points of contact to assist you. The chances of injury are greatly reduced by following this process.

High Profile Vehicles

There are some vehicles, such as cab-over-engine tractors that are particularly difficult to enter and exit and extra care and attention are required with these types. Always enter and exit while facing the vehicle. If a ladder or other climbing apparatus is required to get into or on a vehicle, the Three-Point Contact routine must be followed. When exiting a truck, tractor or trailer by means of a climbing device, always back down. Never walk down a ladder facing forward.

Please..... Don't Jump!

The greatest, single chance of injury occurs when a person jumps off of or out of a trailer, truck or tractor. Jumping from the vehicle is the most unsafe way to get off any equipment. The impact with the ground, even from modest heights, can cause serious injuries to the feet, ankles, knees, legs and other parts of the body. Jumping from the vehicle provides numerous opportunities to slip or fall and cause injuries.

Do It the Right Way

Getting into a cab or truck or on a trailer is something that is done almost daily, but, don't take this action for granted! Use the proper "Three-Point Contact" procedure when entering and exiting trucks, tractors and trailers. Always 1) back out of the vehicle; 2) back off of the trailer; and 3) back down the ladder. Practice the ins and outs of truck driving the safe way by entering and leaving your vehicle the right way. Safety is its own reward.